The People’s Republic of Improv team will portray the fictional Noslen city council team. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Improv show tells saga of ‘Noslen’ elections


The year is 2019 and the city of Noslen is gearing up for its biggest election yet.

The only two elected councillors are locked in a battle to remain in power, the mayor is missing action, the IT guy would rather be playing in his band and the communications manager is busy manning the organisation’s only phone.

Welcome to ‘City Council: The Improv Show’ where the inner workings of small-town New Zealand are laid bare.

It is the latest serialised, and entirely made up, saga from the People’s Republic of Improv.

“It’s election year so we thought it might be fun to play with what goes on behind closed doors,” says the group’s Laura Irish.

Last year they put on ‘Wynasty’ which imagined Nelson as the site of a power struggle between rival wine tycoons, which the team says audiences really loved.

“People like seeing a little bit of local on the stage,” says Daniel Allan, who is also in the troupe. “This is taking it to another level.”

Viewers will land in Noslen as they gear up for the elections and the region’s big event called “Me Wow” – a fashion parade for cats.

“It’s bound to have high drama,” says Laura.

The group are also inviting selected Nelson council candidates to have a five-minute slot in their show to have a debate with the sitting councillors – Richard Gloom and Holly Sunshine – over “local” issues.

It will also be the first time the group has performed in a new space – Studio One which is on Rutherford Mews, off Hardy St and behind the Golden Bell Thai restaurant.

Dan says the show plays every Friday in September and promises to be a great night out.

“It’s Nelsons top improvisers with a saga that plays out each week – so the audience can follow along with the drama of the city of Noslen.”

Laura says this not to be confused with the drama of the city of Nelson, which cannot be replicated.

City Council: The Improv Show, 8pm starts this Friday, at Studio One, 1 Rutherford Mews off Hardy St. Tickets through Eventfinda.