Nelson Girl Guide unit members Kora Chapman (9), Katie O’Driscoll-Burger (11), Jasmine Dixon (11), Phoebe Inwood (10), Amber McKnight (10), Sophia Newton (11) and Chevelle Barker (10) with the haul of hygiene products they donated. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Girl Guides’ offer ‘Angel’ a helping hand


A Nelson Girl Guide unit have made it their mission to bring hygiene items to those less fortunate.

The group of 17 girls, aged between nine and 12, decided to run a fundraiser in the form of an instant restaurant, to raise money for Angel in My Street. The charity provides on-the-ground support for people in the community.

The guides decided to use the $560 raised to purchase hygiene products for young girls in Nelson who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.

Community liaison for the charity, Kay Guyton-Miller, says she is so grateful to the guides for their generous donation.

“I’ve been really low on supplies because there’s just so much need, so that will help a lot of people.”

Kay says she was shocked at the level of poverty in Nelson when she started volunteering years ago.

“But the poverty is getting worse, a lot of people are proud so they’re just living like it,” she says.

She says Angel in my Street works with people who are often isolated or mistrusting of others, those who have not had good experiences with other organisations or those who might have mental health issues.

She says she is really impressed with what the girls managed to buy with the money they raised.

“They did so well with the buying, it will go a long way.”

Girl Guide Sophia Newton says it made sense to choose Angel in my Street as the charity to donate to.

“Because it was for girls and we are Girl Guides, it made sense that we should help them.”

Guide member Amber McKnight, says it was a process to decide exactly what to use the money for.

“First, we had to look at the prices and figure out what we were going to get by how good they were and how cheapish they were. Then we went and bought a lot of stuff.

“We agreed that one of the most needed things is toothbrushes and tooth paste, because if you don’t have a toothbrush then your teeth can get really bad and you’ll have to go to the dentist which is going to cost you extra money.”

Kay says the Girl Guide team leader deserves a lot of credit for teaching the young girls that there is a need out there in Nelson.

“They did a wonderful job, I’m so grateful to the guides for that, it’s so good to make our young people aware that there are needs out there.”