Pictured from left are junior students Puii Van Lal Ven Puii, Sui Kung, Salom Lalfakzuali, Lung Ning Ching, Bathsheba Hlawnceu and Ni Tin Par Thawng. Photo: Kate Russell.

A day of diversity


Victory Primary School students and staff came together on Friday to celebrate their annual Cultural Diversity Day.

The event, which has been going for a decade, is always a highlight on the school calendar and gives children and their families the opportunity to share their cultural customs, costumes, songs and cuisine.

From Ireland and Ukraine to Colombia and Myanmar, the day highlighted the rich diversity of the Nelson community.

The children spent the day watching performances, including a traditional bamboo dance, playing games and learning about other countries and cultures.

Principal Helen Taylor-Young says with 50 per cent of their students being from other countries, it’s an important event for the school.

“It was an incredible day – I think our best one yet. Every day is culturally diverse in Victory but to take the time to celebrate it is great.”