Tim Skinner says he feels it is time for him to step up to mayor. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Tim Skinner latest to run for mayor


Nelson City councillor Tim Skinner has become the fifth person to announce his intentions to stand for mayor of Nelson.

He says it’s something he has been considering for a while, and while there are “quite a few” standing, some members of the public are saying it hasn’t yet given them enough option to choose someone who represents them.

“I’ve been quite comfortable as councillor, but I felt that I was prepared to step-up if there wasn’t the right representation.”

He will also run for councillor.

“Some may think that it’s a cop out, running for both, saying you’re not putting everything behind one thing, but I actually think it’s the exact opposite.”

He says some are not prepared to work under anyone else so have only put their hand up for mayor, but that’s not his way of thinking.

“By putting my name up for both it shows my desire to continue my work for Nelson.”

He says he feels Nelson has lost its passion.

“Over the last years Nelson has lost its way, we lost WOW just as an example.

“I will work hard to put Nelson back on the map but also make it an affordable and enjoyable place to live whether you’re young or old.”

He says the constant rates rises are unsustainable.

“Over the last 12 years they have gone up 300 per cent for some people.”

He says during his six years as a councillor he has pushed hard for things that the public have wanted, sometimes being the only one.

“I promised to push to get wood burners available as some people were left unable to heat their homes.

“It took a while, but I pushed and pushed and I was often a lone voice and was often on my own, but now most people can have them in their home.”

Tim was also the sole opposing vote when it came to council selling its pensioner houses.

Now he is running his own consultation on what terms the public want during the sale process. That is happening this Saturday at the Stoke Methodist Church Hall at 2pm.

“We own 142 pensioner houses, not only are we going to lose those assets but the people who live in them, they are not going to be paying 25 per cent of their pension anymore.”

“I at least want to listen to the public to hear what they want in the terms of sale.

“I haven’t forgotten who my employer is – the Nelson public.”

He says he hopes for a clean and positive campaign and says if he is not elected as Mayor he will quite happily sit on Council and show respect for the entire team.

Tim joins Rachel Reese, Mel Courtney, Mike Ward and Bill Dahlberg as mayoral candidates.