Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, Stoke resident Daphne Crampton, Greypower president Christine Tuffnell and Nelson MP Nick Smith opposed the closure of Stoke’s Kiwibank. Photo: File.

Stoke Post Shop finds new partner


Stoke Post Shop has found a new partner which will not only keep the postal service in its existing location but will give Stoke residents access to free pharmacy prescriptions.

Hardy Street Pharmacy will be opening a new store within the current NZ Post location and will take over operating the postal services.

Their Nelson store offers $5 off a standard subsidised prescription, essentially making fully subsidised prescriptions free.

John Handforth who owns the pharmacy says it’s an offering they are excited about bringing to their new Stoke location.

The partnership will be up and running on October 21 with the store continuing to offer the full range of postal and bill-pay services.

“We’ve seen how much our community value these services, and we want them to know we will be ready to help out with their postal and bill payments needs from day one,” says John.

“Partnering with NZ Post is exciting for us, and we can’t wait to serve the Stoke community. We are also excited to be bringing a new pharmacy to Stoke that will be offering our very popular ‘free’ prescriptions.”

NZ Post Head of Retail Mark Yagmich says they are thrilled to be working with Hardy Street Pharmacy.

“We have been pleased with the success of working in this way – which we have been doing for many years now, in over 800 locations across the country. Our customers also benefit from the convenience of postal services alongside our agency partner’s products. You’ll be able to pick up your post – and your prescription – all in one go.”

He says the model of working with local businesses is also more financially sustainable for NZ Post, in an ever-changing mix of postal services usage including the decline of mail.

“It’s also good for the businesses we work with, as they enjoy additional income both from transacting postal services on our behalf and by having more customers coming through their doors to pick up their parcel or send a postcard,” he says.

Postal services will be temporarily unavailable for five days from 16 October – 20 October while the store is renovated to accommodate Hardy Street Pharmacy.

Customers will be able to continue to access the box lobby while they undertake these renovations.

Kiwibank is investing in a standalone branch at 209 Hardy St in central Nelson, 7km away from Stoke. Basic banking transaction services are also available at Richmond NZ Post and Kiwibank, 3 Croucher St also 7km away. The Kiwibank ATM will remain in the suburb.