Avner Nahmias has become the most recent person to run for the Nelson mayoralty. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Seventh mayoral candidate announced


In what is being thought of as a record in recent memory, a local business consultant is the seventh person to put their hand up to be mayor of Nelson.

Avner Nahmias has become the most recent person to run for the mayoralty and says he was spurred on after experiencing what he says is excess bureaucracy at Nelson City Council.

“My apolitical leadership qualities will restore positivity, optimism and a common vision within council.”

Avner, who came to New Zealand from Israel 17 years ago, says the city has been “hijacked” by bureaucracy and poor planning.

“I’m not a politician. I have no self-interest and no agenda other than ensuring that the next generations can enjoy what we have.”

He says that the “CBD is dead” and Stoke is “bland” and there needs to be more vision to ensure the city lives up to its potential.

“We need actual plans and guidelines. I want to have a unified vision that we are doing this to maintain the beauty of our city.”

Avner says he is wanting to create a “sustainable” environment but uses the word in a holistic way. He says he is “green” but also wants the council to be financially responsible and transparent with ratepayer dollars.

“Seventeen years ago, I made Nelson my home, building and planting so that my son and future generations will continue to enjoy Nelson’s unique qualities in perpetuity. That’s sustainability.”

Avner has worked as a real estate agent but says he is a business consultant working on strategy and “design issues” with large overseas businesses.

“I am not running on a single agenda; it is all interconnected.”

He joins incumbent Rachel Reese, John Wakelin, Mel Courtney, Bill Dahlberg, Mike Ward and Tim Skinner in running for mayor.