Simcox construction worker Charlie Harper with his fan club at Healthkids Preschool. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Preschool starts fan club for local contractors


When a construction crew commenced work next to the Healthkids Preschool on Tipahi St earlier this month, the contractors quickly became rock-stars to the children.

The children became so fascinated by the men driving on their diggers and bulldozers that they would frequently visit the site to see their favourite contractor Charlie Harper in action.

“It’s the only fan club I’ve got,” Charlie jokes.

The Simcox contractor says the children have been a regular fixture around the site for the past three weeks.

“They were all looking through the fence wanting to see what we were up to, so the next day I went over and said ‘g’day’ and that was it. Since then everyday they come over and ask a million questions, it always makes my day,” says Charlie.

He says it is the most fun he has ever had in his many years on the job.

“They are just awesome.”

With the project expected to wrap up this week, Charlie’s crew will farewell their fans as they head to Blenheim for their next job.

But before departing, the children invited the men to a morning tea and gift exchange at the kindergarten.

Charlie brought the children toy loaders and in return he got a sizeable pile of artwork.

Teacher Rachel Woodyear-Smith says it has been a wonderful community connection.

“It’s just been a beautiful partnership; the boys have been so accommodating and the children just love them.”