Nelson city's mayor and councillors are in for a pay shake up after the October election. Photo: File.

Pay review for mayor, councillors


Whether it’s Rachel Reese or a new face, Nelson’s mayor will be getting a pay rise after the October local body election.

The mayor’s salary will go from $140,079 up to $144,500, according to the Local Government Members Determination 2019/20.

But the way Nelson city councillors get paid will change in the new term.

“In the past, the Remuneration Authority set both the mayor’s and councillors’ remuneration,” says a Nicky McDonald, Group Manager Strategy and Communications at the council.

“There was also a fund that could be used to cover responsibilities such as deputy mayor, chairs, deputies of committees or other tasks that came up during the triennium.”

This time around however, the Remuneration Authority has taken a slightly different approach.

“The mayor’s remuneration continues to be set by the Remuneration Authority as an exact amount, however, they are now setting the minimum base level of remuneration for councillors but also giving Nelson a pool of $603,000.”

This is for council to decide how that is to be split up between all the councillors, to cover the basic councillor remuneration and the additional.

Nelson City Councillors currently get paid $41,774 but after the election their base salary will be $39,686 plus the pool money.

Council is required to use the entire $603,000 pool. Councillors will decide this by council resolution.