A silent protest was staged by Anonymous for the Voiceless on Saturday. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Nelsonians confronted with ‘Cube of Truth’


Though many chose not to pay attention, it was hard to ignore the graphic footage shown by the ‘cube of truth’ on Saturday.

The silent protest staged by Anonymous for the Voiceless saw masked activists holding laptops with looping footage of animal cruelty in New Zealand.

Form piglets having their teeth pulled with no anesthetic, to male chicks being minced, and cattle being routinely beaten, the imagery was disturbing.

Organiser Casey Chambers says the demonstration was about removing the veil on the farming industry.

“Animals are here with us not for us.”

Casey says most kiwis believe that this type of footage is the worst-case scenario or simply doesn’t occur here in New Zealand.

“I wish that was true, but the footage speaks for itself.”

Casey says a common misconception in New Zealand is that our farm animals live a life of luxury.

“We see them in these big open fields running around, but that’s not the reality, the babies aren’t even with their mothers.”

She says most people prefer to take an out of sight out of mind approach.

“When it’s something that’s not in front of you it can be quite confronting.”

While most people ignored the protest, Casey says planting seeds is very powerful and can lead to major change.

“Were not here to blame or shame anyone, we are simply here to show people the truth because we feel they deserve to know.”