Change manager for clinical support Sue Lawrence (left) and admin support Cesca McDonald with the self check-in kiosk at Nelson Hospital. Photo: Kate Russell.

Nelson Hospital trials self check-in kiosk


A new self check-in kiosk is helping to streamline services at Nelson Hospital, with staff encouraging patients to “give it a go”.

The kiosk is being trialled for three months in the outpatient’s department, and, if successful, several of them could be rolled out throughout the hospital.

It’s as easy as scanning the barcode on your appointment letter, which tells your doctor, nurse or specialist that you’ve arrived.

Change manager for clinical support, Sue Lawrence, says the aim is to cut down wait times for patients, freeing up medical and reception staff to treat patients faster and have more time for other work.

“We’re finding it’s quicker, reduces queues and gives people a choice,” she says.

“We’ve had it since mid-July and over that time we’re seeing a lot of patients give it a go and we’re getting good feedback.”

And for those patients who prefer face-to-face interaction, you can still check in for appointments at the counter.

As well as allowing patients to check in to their appointments, they can use the kiosk to update their demographic information, including their address, email and emergency contact.

Admin support Cesca McDonald says, on a busy day, they can get up to 180 people through the outpatient’s department.

“It’s definitely helping to free up our time,” she says.

Once the trial is over, staff will carry out patient surveys and look over the analytics. If all goes well, they hope to install more in the outpatient’s department and in other high-flow areas, such as orthopedics and medical units.

The cost of the kiosks, which are supplied through Florence Health, is yet to be determined.

Sue says she encourages patients to try it out, even if they aren’t sure what to do.

“Just give it a go. If you get stuck, you can ask for help. You do have a choice.”