John Wakelin. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Mayoral candidate wants Nelson to be a leader


John Wakelin doesn’t think he will win the mayoral election but wants to use his campaign to draw attention to the state of the environment.

He is the sixth person to decide to run for the Nelson mayoralty and says he wants to use the platform to inspire people to save the planet.

“I would like this region to be the blueprint for the world to follow.

“A good step in this direction would be making all commercial vehicles electric.

“It would make things heaps cheaper for everyone.”

John, who suffered a brain injury in 1983 after a drunk driver crashed into his car at Three Brothers Corner, also wants people to put their money where their mouth is.

“I don’t think I will get in, but I just want to see how many people are true to their world about saving the planet.”

He is calling his campaign the “Patriotic Party” and believes that non-citizens and tourists are not paying their fair share.

“Let’s make New Zealanders lives easier because everyone’s on the bones of their arse.”