Tim Nicholl’s had a facial hair transformation on Monday. Photos: Kate Russell.

Tim tames his beard


When Tim Nicholls walked out of Aboki Hairdressers into the freezing air on Monday morning, all he could say was: “my face is cold”.

The 24-year-old actor had just shaved off an impressive 10 months’ worth of beard growth to raise funds for Nelson Tasman Hospice and Nelson Youth Theatre’s trip to the UK.

“I started growing it in October last year and decided to shave it and donate 50 per cent of the funds towards our trip and the other half to hospice, which is an amazing cause in our community.”

Tim and other members from Nelson Youth Theatre leave at the end of this week to perform the musical Grease at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Although Tim says he’s used to having a beard, this is the longest he’s ever grown it.

“I quite liked it – it keeps my face warm in the winter but one thing I’m looking forward to is people not coming up to me and saying ‘wow, that’s a cool beard’ and grabbing and pulling at it. They forget it’s connected to your face.”

However, Tim says he is planning on growing it all back when he returns from Edinburgh.

“I prefer the beard.”

Donations are open until Friday 26 July 2019 and can be made at https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-tame-tims-amazing-beard