Scott May working out at Whakatu HQ. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Scott gets the CrossFit call up


Scott May has never been one for Pilates or yoga.

The 46-year-old prefers to push his body to the limit through competitive CrossFit and the sweat he’s spilt in the gym is about to pay off as he prepares to represent his country.

Scott will join team New Zealand at the Masters League Games in Melbourne this September.

“I’ve never worn the silver fern before, so I’m pretty excited.”

Scott qualified for the competition through his finish at the Regional Cup in Wellington earlier this month.

While battling a cold, Scott finished first in the 45-49 age division to book his seat on the plane to Australia.

Athletes were tasked with performing maximum possible reps of rows, barbell lifts, burpees, medicine ball throws, skipping, decline press-ups, handstands and kettlebell swings among others, in an exhausting day of competition.

Scott fought through the four workouts to accumulate 45 points and claim fourth place.

He says the key was to take minimal breaks and pace himself.

“There is plenty of strategy involved, otherwise you just burn out too early.”

Scott will spend the next two months in intensive training as he prepares for the Masters.

He will workout up to ten times a week, incorporating swimming and running into his routine.

“It’s a multiple sport and so you have to be prepared for anything – pushing, dragging, carrying, lifting,” he says. “There is also a track at the stadium so there might be some running.”

A cider maker by trade, Scott first discovered CrossFit eight years ago in Hawke’s Bay before moving to Nelson.

He says the culture at Wakatu HQ is a nurturing one.

“There are no egos, everyone wants everyone to do well.”

He says he has seen it completely take off in the time he has been there.

“It has really grown into a massive sport.”

Scott is currently seeking sponsorship for his trip across the ditch and will also need to find some time to practice his pre-competition performance.

“I’ll have to brush up on the haka.”