Ms Fizzberry and Kath Bee after their show at the Suter Theatre. Photo: Laura Irish

REVIEW: The magic in me is a haven of warm fuzzies


The Magic in Me

Suter Theatre

Performed by Ms Fizzberry and Kath Bee 

Reviewed by Laura Irish

The atmosphere of the Suter Theatre was buzzing on a rainy Friday afternoon. Young children in their sparkles, including my own four-year-old, waited in anticipation for Ms Fizzberry, aka Flossie the Balloon Lady, and the musical powerhouse, Kath Bee.

As soon as they entered the stage, there was a feeling of calm and the audience was hushed. Both of these performers have the rare ability to invoke calm while also having the right energy to hold children’s attention. The show itself was a simple give and take between the two performers’ individual talents with positive messages of self-love and acceptance being illustrated through hilarious magic tricks and reinforced through upbeat tunes of Kath Bee.

There was a welcoming playfulness between both performers and the audience and we were still talking about the funny and talented Ms Fizzberry and singing the catchy riffs of Kath Bee long after the show finished.

The restlessness of the tiny audience members began at about the half hour mark. But thankfully, it only lasted a few moments until they cleverly incorporated a bit audience participation and another song, getting the children on their feet to do the actions. And this is a perfect example of why shows like this are completely essential. Shows as gentle and sweet as ‘The Magic in Me’ are the perfect opportunity to introduce children to theatre and how to be good audience members in a safe and supportive environment. It’s like being in your living room with your favourite aunties that transform even a rainy day into sunshiney rainbows. And not only that, their jokes and tricks are so adorable and funny that even the adults were giggling during the “banana/bandana” part of the show.

With a few more performances under their belt and slight bit of tightening, this show would be a perfect submission to any and all fringe or arts festivals, which are always looking for quality children’s content. Who doesn’t need reminded to cheer yourself up, to keep trying when things don’t go right and to sprinkle a little sunshine wherever you go? Because that’s what these two very generous performers are doing, spreading sunshine.