Wanita Astle from Wholesale Landscapes trying out the new Mako St playground. Photo: Matt McCrorie.

New playground goes back to nature with design


A new community playground may look a little different to what you might be used to.

While other playgrounds are full of bright colours, made with plastic, the newly completed playground on Mako St is completely natural.

The Nelson City Council project was undertaken by Nelmac, and Wholesale Landscapes and sits between Nelson and Richmond.

Tom Filmer, of Wholesale Landscapes says that “the idea was to have more of a focus on a more natural play space”.

“There was a move towards more artificial play spaces a number of years ago, building with plastics.”

Now, Tom says there is a move back to more natural resources.

“We’ve used logs, wooden equipment, trees. It a more resourceful way of creating a playground.”

Landscape supervisor for Nelmac, Tony Nichol says the project is a nice change.

“It’s really good to get away from plastic and metal, It’s and to be using natural wood.”

The new playground is much more sustainable project and Tony says that some of the logs used on the playground were left over from other Nelmac jobs, like tree clearing.

“It’s something that would have gone to waste otherwise.”

It’s also more cost effective and easier to maintain than a standard playground created with plastic and metal.

“Plastic is a large capital expense and has to be replaced after be 10 years,” Tom says.

And he says that it’s even better for the kids.

“It gives them a chance to get a bit rough and get a bit more dirty.”