Nelson Volleyball stalwart Allan Brodie will act as the technical delegate for the 2019 Volleyball Nations League. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Volleyball stalwart buzzing over tournament


Nelson’s Allan Brodie will be in the best seat in the house as some of the world’s best volleyballers take to the court in Thailand today.

The Nelson Volleyball stalwart will act as the technical delegate for the 2019 Volleyball Nations League in what will be the pinnacle of his illustrious career spanning five decades.

Allan will oversee six games played between the hosts, Turkey, the Dominican Republic and Bulgaria.

The 71-year-old is one of only thirty International Volleyball Federation sanctioned technical delegates worldwide.

His role at the tournament will include inspecting facilities, acting as an extra set of eyes on the court and working with the more than 30 personnel required to run an international volleyball match.

“We all work together to create a spectacle.”

Allan would also be required to intervene should referee and player relations turn sour.

“I’ve never had to step in during a game, you hope that it won’t come to that.”

Allan says there is an element of pressure in his position and he naturally carries some nerves.

“I’m every bit as accountable as the ones hitting the ball. I have to do my bit to present the game well.”

The Nelson Volleyball junior development officer says while he has officiated international fixtures before, this will be the high point of his career which began in 1973.

“I’ve got the top seat to see the best volleyball in the world.”

He says the country will be buzzing for the tournament.

“The Thais are passionate about volleyball. The players over there are rock stars so the stadium will be full, and they will be making a whole lot of noise.”