Glen James with the ring that took him “well over a week” to make. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Nelson jeweller attempts world record


A Nelson jeweller is vying for a new title as maker of the world’s largest ring.

Glen James has spent many hours slowly crafting the 1.3-kilogram glass ring which encompasses 500 grams of sterling silver, 171 cubic zirconia and 30 grams of 9ct gold.

He says the process was a “very drawn out” one, but well worth it.

“I started a book with how long it took, I’d work on it then think ‘stuff this’ and put it down again, then ripped into it, got sick of it, and put it down again.”

The unique jewel has been accepted by the Guinness World Records under the category of ‘largest jewelled ring’ and Glen says the process will now involve sending evidence and documentation proving the claim.

“In all honesty they probably won’t accept it because there’re people out there who go crazy with things, but we’ll still call it the world’s biggest.”

The glass jewel sits in a standard six claw setting just on a grander scale and has a 9ct brace which sees it supported over three fingers.

He estimates the value of the time and materials used to shape it at being around $20,000.

“We didn’t do it for the record, that was just an idea that someone had, but it is the world’s biggest solitaire as far as we know”.

Glen purchased the huge piece of glass nearly ten years ago for a wedding show and people always asked him what he was going to do with it to which he replied: “I’m going to make a ring”.

Now that the ring is complete it will eventually have prime place in a front window cabinet with some smaller novelty rings of the same design.

“If we don’t get a record, we’ll still put a sign up saying world’s largest ring, prove there’s another one.”

He says, while the ring does not feature a price tag “anything is for sale for the right price”.