Developers Jacques Reynolds and Tony Vining at the site of the proposed SHA on Haven Rd. Photo: Kate Russell.

Demand up for affordable residential apartments


Plans for a proposed new resi­dential apartment development on the city fringe were enthusi­astically received by Nelson City Council on Monday.

The Special Housing Area (SHA) application for the six-level building at 71 Haven Rd was unanimously green-lighted by councillors and will now be put forward to the Housing Minister.

SHAs are approved under the Housing Accord, which is an agreement between the council and central government seeking to fast-track new developments to increase housing stock.

Developer Tony Vining said his company purchased the land in 2016 with the intention of creating a storage facility for boats and caravans.

“But we came to realise that it was actually well suited to an apartment development. It’s elevated, sunny, got great views over the city, far enough away from the main road, enjoys a backdrop of the hillside and is within walking distance to the city and amenities.”

He says he is seeing a “huge demand” for affordable apartments close to the CBD and believes there will be a huge uptake from the local market.

“We won’t be actively promoting to offshore markets.”

The complex will have a minimum of 30 one, two and three-bedroom units ranging in size from just over 50sqm to 140sqm. There will also be a shared electric scooter/ bike facility.

It will be constructed with a Nelson-made cross-laminated timber product, produced by XLam. It has minimal waste, good insulation qualities and high fire and earthquake resistance.

There was concerns about traffic on Haven Rd, but city development team leader Lisa Gibellini said NZTA have been “highly supportive” while businesses at the front have interest in relocating.

Councillor Matt Lawrey said he was “heartened” by the proposal, while councillor Bill Dahlberg said it was a “great use of land, a great use of resources and it’s fitting a niche”.

Tony says the response “couldn’t be better”.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to not only satisfy a high demand housing sector, but to also greatly enhance the area and surrounds.”