Bruno Saia is bringing his fun interactive session of brain gymnastics to Nelson. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Come work out at the brain gym


Bruno Saia wants to give your brain a work out.

The Brazilian-native is in Nelson and wants to share his skills at helping the community develop their ability to concentrate, learn and have fun.

“How do we learn? We need connections between our neurons – there are so many. But if they aren’t connected with each other they don’t work that well.”

Bruno says by stimulating the brain you can create more synapses that connect the neurons.

To do that he is offering a programme that uses games, puzzles and group dynamics to help children and older Nelsonians use their brain in new ways.

“Besides that, we need to have fun because that is just as important for your brain to develop. If you are doing things you haven’t done before and connecting with people, this makes us think better.”

Bruno first stumbled across “brain gymnastics” when he was working as a journalist in Brazil. He was finding it hard to concentrate and deal with many streams of information for his job.

“I was tired and sad, and I just wasn’t enjoying the thing that I enjoyed to do.”

He found a school that taught techniques to help develop the brain to better handle complex thought.

Now, he wants to bring those skills to Nelson.

“People have been so kind to me so would like to do something for the community.”

Bruno is offering the course for children and parents at Victory Community Centre starting Tuesday April 30 from 4pm to 5pm and ending on July 2.

He is also offering a course for older Nelsonians starting May 6 at Tahunanui Community Centre from 11.30am to 12.30 until May 27. Each session is $2 and people can come for all sessions or just one.

“We just want people to come along and enjoy themselves,” says Bruno.