The cast of ‘Downton Uppity’, Nikki Karki, Pete Foley, Daniel Allan, Jonathan Moffat, Glenn Cousins, Laura Irish and Scott Sumby. Photo: Doug Barry-Martin.

Period drama scandal sure to sell out


The year is 1915 and the residents of a respected local residence are up to no good.

Starting this Friday, the performers of the People’s Republic of Improv will be putting on their latest serialised, entirely improvised, incarnation.

They have already put their spin on 1980s soap operas and 1940s romantic epics, and now they are turning their attention to 20th century period drama.

Every Friday in April, Ghost Light Theatre on Bridge St will be home to “Downton Uppity” – an improvised saga inspired by the hit historical dramas Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs.

“The actors will bring you suppressed British emotion, over-reactive letter reading and scandalous crossover between aristocrats and their household staff,” says Ghost Light Theatre’s Laura Irish.

Each actor will play two characters, the upstairs toff and the downstairs servant, no doubt leading to some wildly scandalous rendezvous.

Laura says the serialised show format seems to have been a hit with Nelsonians with many making it required viewing.

“Both our previous shows sold out, with some coming to every episode to make sure they didn’t miss out on crucial plot points.”

She says, even though the whole thing is made up on the spot, improvisers will ensure the whole season makes sense. However, people can still come along to individual episodes and have a great time.

Viewers can buy a season pass for all four Fridays for $35 or individual tickets starting from $13. Downton Uppity starts this Friday at 8pm at Ghost Light Theatre at 146 Bridge St. Tickets at