Three-time world champion poler Evgeny Greshilov will perform this weekend. Photo: Supplied.

Pole masters take centre stage


Some of the world’s best pole practitioners are heading to Nelson this weekend as part of New Zealand’s first semi-pro pole art competition.

Pole Artistry Nelson, in association with Glen James Jewellers and Lupit Poles is hosting the event at the Theatre Royal on Saturday.

“With interest and attendances in Pole growing nationwide over the past decade, we recognised an increasing need to acknowledge those who are yet to establish themselves in the pole community,” says Pole Artistry founder and managing director Sarah Dodds.

She says there are currently a number of competitions in circulation which celebrate the successes of those individuals who have helped Pole grow from the ground up.

“Unfortunately, as this group continues to challenge each other and raise the bar, those who are yet to gain recognition are finding entering the competitive stage increasingly difficult.”

Sarah says this competition will serve as a platform to bridge the gap between the casual and competitive polers. She hopes this will result in a pool of enthusiasts which grows both in numbers and quality, and strengthens the pole community throughout the nation.

Along with introducing this unique competition, Sarah has also been influential in the creation of the New Zealand Pole Sports Federation, taking the country one step closer to regulating standards here in New Zealand and to competing on an international stage.

“Not only will this event showcase our up-and-coming talents, it will also provide an opportunity to witness professional polers at their best.”

This includes Russia’s three-time world champion Evgeny Greshilov.

“Come along and share in the excitement of this growing industry and see what all the fuss is about, you might just find yourself booking a class at your local studio.”

A portion of all ticket sales will go to ‘Brave NZ’ which supports victims of sexual violence.

Tickets for the 7pm show via the Theatre Royal.