Five-year-old Kayden Fensom starts his schooling journey at Enner Glynn School this week. Photo: Kate Russell.

Back to school


Today is a big day for five-year-old Kayden Fensom.

Like many other children in Nelson, it is his very first day of primary school.

Equipped with a fresh new uniform and emoji duraseal-covered books, the new entrant will be attending Enner Glynn School.

Kayden’s mum, Selina Fensom, says he’s excited for his new adventure.

The school was an easy pick for them as they live just around the corner.

She says Kayden’s daycare, Ace Nayland, run a ‘schoolies’ group which is aimed at helping the oldest children get ready for school.

“I think every school varies, but Kayden had four school visits at the end of last year. He was really shy and took a while to warm up, but the school have been great.”

With both her and her husband working full-time, Selina says the hardest element to school life will be pick-ups and drop-offs.

They have had to enrol Kayden in a before-school programme and her dad – aka “poppa” – will be picking him up every day.

“I’m feeling okay… It’s going to be a really big few days to start, with lots of new things. It will definitely be tiring but I think he is ready,” Selina says.

Primary schools all over the city are now back in action, with many principals reporting strong term-one rolls.

Birchwood School in Stoke will have the highest first day roll in years, according to principal Chris Herrick.

“We have a number of new students starting at Birchwood this year. We have nine new entrants, along with 11 other students starting throughout the school.”

Stoke School is also starting back with a bang, with 15 new entrants and a roll of about 258.

Clifton Terrace School principal Rob Wemyss says they also have a large number of new entrants coming in.

“The roll is looking really strong for 2019, the year looks to be really exciting.”

Meanwhile, Kayden says he’s looking forward to his new adventure.

“I’m going to go swimming, learn how to read and play with my friends Harry and Charlie.”