The cast for 'Nelsablanca'. They are from left: Scott Sumby, Jonathan Moffat , Jen Arai and Glenn Cousins. Photos: Ishna Jacobs.

New show imagines Nelson’s Hollywood ‘glamour’ era


It’s a little-known fact that Nelson in the 1940s was the setting of a very famous Hollywood movie.

Or was it?

That’s the premise of The People’s Republic of Improv’s latest show “Nelsablanca” which takes inspiration from the Hollywood classic “Casablanca”.

Over the month of February, the troupe will create an entirely improvised movie, with the plot carrying on every Friday night.

“Think ladies in fur, lounge singers, drama, mad scientists, guys in fedoras and trench coats,” says Ghost Light Theatre manager Debbie Brooks.

“Not to mention international intrigue and classic Hollywood kissing that just involves people rubbing their faces on each other.”

The show is hot on the heels of the previous serialised performance “Wynasty” which imagined the scandalous, entirely-improvised history of early Nelson wine tycoons, in the style of the soap opera “Dynasty”.

Debbie says the concept was a smash hit, with people turning up every show to find out what happened next in the plot.

By the season finale it was a sell-out, with theatre staff having to turn people away.

“There were some amazing characters, crazy ploy twists and a lot of fun.”

Debbie says that is sure to continue with “Nelsablanca”, as the audience will no doubt pick up on the tropes of the theme.

“The People’s Republic of Improv is back to bring their hilarious take of old classic Hollywood and mash it with… Nelson.

“Did I mention they’re going to make the whole thing up?”

Debbie thinks it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Nelsablanca runs every Friday night in February at Ghost Light Theatre and a season pass is only $30.