Dogs like Charlie, pictured with Tahuna Beach Camp manager Paul Ladbrook, will be welcome at part of the campsite with their owners during a trial next month. Photo: Kate Russell.

Campground opens up to ‘furry friends’


Family of the furry kind will be allowed to join their owners on camping trips this summer, as one Nelson campground gets ready to test out a ‘pet block’.

The Tahuna Beach Holiday Park is hoping to trial the idea in February with motorhome owners who are travelling with their pets.

General manager Paul Ladbrook says they are looking to set aside a block that backs directly onto the back beach, which is dog friendly and will also minimise the impact on other campers.

“It will be aimed at families of the older generation in their second home on wheels who want to take their new family with them – which is usually the furry kind,” he says.

“Our guests think it’s a fantastic idea. Lots of people have been asking for it – so many people are on the road these days.”

There will be no extra cost for campers to bring their pets and there is no limit to what kind of animal it is, either.

“It’s not just open to dogs – we could get the odd cat. We just ask owners to be responsible.”

Bookings will be by arrangement and are available for powered and non-powered campsites for motorhomes only.

Paul says the will see what the uptake is over the shoulder season from February to May, and look at continuing the trial in the spring if all goes well.