Search results from Trade Me reveal what items Nelsonians are searching for this Christmas. Graphic: Nelson Weekly.

What do Nelsonians want for Christmas?


Nelsonians are dreaming of hitting the bike tracks, the beach – as well as getting in some quality screen time these Christmas holidays.

While many are trudging the pavements of the Central Business District looking for presents for their loved ones, others are hitting the keyboards hoping to nab the trendiest items on the Christmas wish list.

Bikes, surfboards and TVs are at the top of that list for Nelson folk this festive season, according to Trade Me’s annual list of top Christmas searches.

Trade Me spokesperson Millie Silvester says the three items are the most searched for in the lead up to Christmas day.

“We’ve seen almost 500 searches for bikes in the Nelson region, 160 hits for TVs and 100 searches for surfboards in the last week.”

Nationally, Kiwis have purchased over 300,000 items on the Trade Me Marketplace in the last week.

Millie says the most popular searches and purchases on the internet trading site have been trampolines, bikes, tents, PS4s, Lego, iPhone Xs, E-bikes, Nintendo Switches, iPads and iPhone 7s.

E-bikes are new to the list this Christmas with Millie saying they have seen a growing number of searches and sales for them, with over 2,000 onsite to purchase currently.

“E-bikes have made huge inroads in New Zealand and they’ve transformed the way many Kiwis commute.”

Meanwhile, Lego remains one of the long-running favourites with over 20,000 searches, proving it’s a popular item every Christmas.

Items that have fallen off the radar from previous years include Hatchimals, branded clothing and puppies.