The Toyota Corolla Hatchback is similar to the one pictured. Photo: Supplied.

Troublesome driver reined in


The driver of a small, red, Toyota Corolla, who has been terrorising the local community with the sound of his car backfiring, has finally been nabbed.

It seems he pushed his luck to the limit when the car backfired directly outside the Wakefield Police Station and the driver was consequently pulled over in Spring Grove.

The driver of the old hatchback has been cruising around the region for the last couple of weeks and, according to social media, the public has had enough. With the noise being described as the sound of a gun firing off, the fright of the noise was terrifying for some locals.

With online complaints stretching from Wakefield through to Washington Valley and temperatures running high, the public were calling for police action before some people took matters into their own hands.

Wakefield constable Jamie White says the driver has now been dealt with by the police, his car is green-stickered, and he is forbidden from driving that vehicle.

“He has been dealt with by way of multiple infringement notices and if he is caught again, and his licence hasn’t been updated, his car will be impounded.

“It is a good reminder for people, before they jump on to social media, to call the local police station or even pop in and have a chat to us. If we are not contacted about these things it makes it hard for us to follow them up.”