The crew behind creating ‘Raise’ which has been painted onto the back wall of the Nelson Basketball building on Neale Ave. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Stoke rises up


A tired wall in Stoke has been transformed into a symbol of aspiration thanks to visiting artists and the hard work of local young people.

The mural entitled ‘Raise’ depicts a giant native kaka which artists Charles and Janine Williams say relates to the young people who helped the wall come together.

“We wanted to raise their stories, these amazing kids, and show them that they can go on to do amazing things,” says Charles.

Young people from Youth Nelson and Whanake Youth also designed their own pieces of art to be attached to the walls.

Charles and Janine wanted these pieces to come out of the giant bird’s wings to symbolise the collaboration.

“We hope that it brings the community joy and, for the young people pride, pride that you had a hand in creating something so special,” says Janine.

Co-director of Whanake Youth, Lee-ann O’Brien, says it was positive project

“This wall is part of the history of Stoke but it’s about moving forward with who we have as young people now.”