Project partners for The PLAN, aimed at educating parents about teen drinking are Rosey Duncan, Hilary Genet and Carol McIntosh with local parents Steph Collett, Jules Honey and Lynn Vibert and Mel Welch. Photo: Amy Russ.

Raising awareness of teen drinking


The health community are partnering with parents and caregivers to help educate them on how to responsibly manage alcohol in their teenagers’ lives.

As part of their ‘The PLAN’ campaign, Health Action Trust and the Public Health Service invited the parents to attend a free presentation called ‘Keeping teens safe around alcohol’.

The event, which was aimed at parents of teens aged 12 – 17-years-old, was to help educate people with tools, tips and interactive resources on how to responsibly manage teen drinking.

Health Action Trust’s Rosey Duncan says teen drinking is a real issue and it is important to raise awareness of the topic.

“The earlier teens start drinking the more likely it is that their drinking will become problematic in the future. The more likely it is they will go on to drink harmfully in their teens and adult life. Alcohol is a drug and it is readily available.”

“Alcohol use is widespread in New Zealand. At the same time all parents want their children to be safe.”

Rosey has been working with project partners and health promoters Hilary Genet and Carol McIntosh of Nelson Marlborough Health and says they had assistance along the way with the evolution of the project.

This included help from parents in developing and trialling their range of interactive resources designed to support parents to make a family plan around alcohol.

“We talk with local parents about their concerns and what would help them support their teens,” says Rosey. “The resources include our webpage, legal information, Facebook posts planned for the summer and fridge magnets.”

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