Nelson endurance racer Ben Bolitho enjoyed three podium finishes at the Sparta Bright trifecta weekend. Photo: Supplied.

Bolitho’s conquers Spartan course


Ben Bolitho continues to prove that pain is no obstacle.

The endurance racer recently raced at the Spartan Bright trifecta weekend, taking a podium finish in each of his three races.

First up for the 37-year-old was the ‘super,’ a 15km middle distance course.

The race packs more than 30 obstacles through tougher and more rugged terrain.

Following the super was the sprint which sees competitors negotiate mud, fire, walls and barbed wire.

Ben finished both races third in his age group, however, the final day would be Ben’s toughest test.

On the final day, Ben took on the ‘ultra-beast,’ a course which only 25 per cent of competitors complete.

He conquered the 50km course in 9 hours and 22 minutes, crossing the finish in first.

“It was brutal,” he says.

With a first place and two thirds, Ben places second overall in the Spartan Challenge.

Ben says it was an unbelievable feeling to be at the pinnacle of Spartan Australia’s races.

“I thought my best chance would be in the ultra as I really enjoy the long, tough stuff, to get across the line in all races is an unbelievably amazing feeling.”

He says the toughest part was the fast starts.

“We did sub five-minute kms for the first few kms over some pretty rough ground and the 3700m of down hills.”

Ben says his body held up reasonably well after the trio of races.

“Surprisingly, other than few sore bits and bruising and one toenail that will soon depart, I felt better after the race than before but that may have been relief.”

However, there is little rest time for Ben.

Next up, in mid-December, is the ‘everesting’ challenge, ascending and descending the height of Mount Everest in one continuous run.