WELL CHILD APP: Kelly Mahuika has just helped launch a parenting tool to help take the chaos out of the first five years of a child’s life. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Parenting in your palm of your hand with Well Child App


Kelly Mahuika wants to bring the digital revolution to how we parent.

The Well Child App was first launched in 2016 but has since been revamped and redesigned to give parents a one stop resource for everything they need to know about their children from 0-5-years-old.

“The world is digital,” says Kelly. “But the healthcare system hasn’t really caught up to it.”

The free app is non profit and funded by the Ministry of Health. It is run by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

The app enables parents to upload a photo of their children and input their children’s details, such as date of birth, GP, midwife along with the family’s health history.

It then uses the child’s date of birth to provide notifications for Well Child Assessments and vaccinations.

“Often parents are bombarded with information all at once but this app can give information when it’s time relevant to them,” says Kelly.

Kelly is a midwife who dreamed up the app and has since been the project lead on it.

“I’m learning every single day. I’ve really enjoyed it, but it’s been a steep learning curve.”

She hopes to get other health boards around the country on board and get ongoing funding from the Ministry of Health to develop it further, including creating a communication pathway between health practioners and parents.

“As a midwife, I recognized how much information is underutilized due to untimely distribution, or sheer confusion on where to look. It is through this app that I hope to begin to change the way parents and caregivers navigate the wide world of information, improving access, and also reducing wasted money and resources.”

It can be downloaded on the App Store or via Google Play.