Leo Layton, 9, has started a business selling beeswax wraps and pouches, called KIT. Photo: Kate Russell.

Leo’s buzzing business


Nine-year-old Leo Layton is on a mission to save the environment – and build an empire at the same time.

The young entrepreneur has started his own business selling reusable beeswax wraps and food pouches, called KIT, at Little Beehive Co-op.

Leo says the three crucial elements in producing the wraps – fabric, beeswax and an outlet – came together quite naturally.

His mum, Paula happens to be the director of the Little Beehive Co-op and a sewer with plenty of excess fabric. And Paula’s partner just so happens to be a beekeeper.

“The ideas just seemed fitting,” Paula says.

The Birchwood School student says he was already using similar wraps in his school lunchbox as an alternative to plastic wrap.

“If you used one beeswax wrap in your lunchbox every day, you would save the equivalent of 75 metres of plastic wrap over a school year,” he says.

Paula helped Leo investigate different techniques of making the wraps and they settled on a winning formula of beeswax, pine resin and either jojoba or coconut oil.

He chose the name KIT for his business, because it means ‘keep it together’.

As well making different sized square wraps for sandwiches, he also makes round ones to cover bowls with, as well as snack and sandwich pouches.

Leo says he goes into a “quite messy” production mode “about three times a week” and, so far, has made about $160 from shop sales.

“I’m going to put half back into the business and I’m also going to save up for a PlayStation 4.”

To check out Leo’s products, visit Little Beehive Co-op at 123 Hardy St or his Facebook page, called ‘KIT beeswax wraps’. Leo will also have his own stall at The Great Christmas Market at Founders Park on 25 November.