An impression of what the Welcome Cloak will look like at the Millers Acre Centre. Image: Nelson City Council.

Welcome Cloak moves to Millers Acre


It’s taken four months of searching, but a new home has finally been found for the wind-beaten Welcome Cloak.

Its new location will be the wall of the Millers Acre Centre.

The controversial sculpture was removed from its old spot at Saltwater Creek in April, after two years of tangled strands and bent bars.

Nelson City Council, who paid for and commissioned the artwork, announced in May that they would be moving it to a “more sheltered” location to avoid any more wind damage.

Council’s group manager community services, Roger Ball, says the Arts Selection Panel approved the relocation late last week – provided final installation costs are within budget.

He says the timing, as well as the price tag for the relocation are yet to be confirmed – although an official information request from June revealed the cost of the sculpture has already come to a total of $83,043.

This includes an artist fee of $39,200, an installation cost of $28,821, and $15,022 worth of maintenance and moving costs.

Roger says other locations were investigated, but the Millers Acre Centre, which sits on the corner of Trafalgar and Halifax Streets, was deemed “most suitable”.

Often referred to as Nelson’s gateway building, it is home to the i-SITE visitor information centre.

“This site will be more suitable as it will still allow the sculpture to move as the artist intended, but is not prone to the high winds that caused it to be removed from its previous location above Saltwater Creek.”

The Welcome Cloak was designed by Nelson artist Adi Tait and is made from strands of gold and anodised aluminium.

It was designed to reflect the water and symbolises the historical importance of Saltwater Creek as a landing site for iwi and the boundary of where the land and sea met.

Adi told Nelson Weekly back in May that it “made sense” to move the sculpture.