One of the new CCTV cameras installed on Nelson’s Bridge St. Photo: Supplied

Nelson, you are being watched


New state-of-the-art security cameras are popping up around the city with a view to re-vamp the entire system and reduce crime.

Nelson City Council communications manager Paul Shattock says the new CCTV cameras will come at a cost of $95,000, which was approved in council’s Long-Term Plan, and have the aim of reducing crime and improving safety for all residents.

“The cameras will be monitored at times when there is a higher likelihood of crime being committed in a particular area.”

He says, even though they are not monitored all the time, recorded footage from any time of the day or night can be accessed.

“If it is pertinent to a specific incident and helpful to a police enquiry, it may be accessed.”

Paul says work has been in progress for the last 18 months, in conjunction with Nelson Police, to consider the best locations for the four new cameras, and the new installations mean there are now 18 locations around the city that have the cameras operating.

“This installation includes replacing the older cameras, that have been in use for many years, with the latest technology, as well as installing new cameras at four additional locations.”

A Nelson Police spokesperson says the new technology means they will have enhanced picture quality that they will be able to use for evidence.

“For example, for several serious assaults on upper Bridge Street, CCTV footage has proved vital in identifying offender(s) after the event.”

They say that the new cameras will also have a crime deterrent effect.

Nelson Community Patrol volunteer Laurie Christian has been a member of the patrol for 25 years and says he monitors the cameras on Friday and Saturday nights for police.

“The new cameras are very good, an excellent camera with good clear images.”

He says the old cameras were about 15 years old and beginning to have problems.

“They’ve done a really great job installing them, it’s made a big difference to what we can see.”

He says new camera locations include Anzac Park and some intersections around the CBD where there have been previous incidents that they have missed.