Manager of Bridge Street Collective Christine Donaldson and Farmers Market manager Miriam Clark. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Farmers Market returns to CBD


The Nelson Farmers Market is returning to the heart of the city.

After a year at the Maitai River Boulevard, the weekly market will once again run in the CBD. It will pop up in Kirby Lane, off Bridge St, from tomorrow.

Nelson Farmers Market manager Miriam Clark says while the spot at Maitai Boulevard was a beautiful, picturesque setting, it provided a number of challenges.

“It was incredibly exposed to the elements, we have broken several gazebos with strong gusts of wind.”

She says the second challenge was the lack of foot traffic.

“Because we are a midweek market, we need to be set up close to where people will be having their lunch breaks, it was really important for us to be closer to the worker.”

When it became public knowledge that the market was looking to move back into the CBD, Miriam was approached by the Bridge Street Collective to run the market from its site at 111 Bridge St.

Miriam says it was natural pairing as the market fits right into the collective’s vision of a community hub.

“This is a fantastic site, it ticks all of our boxes.”

While slightly smaller than the previous location, she says they are looking to bring all 30 stalls across from the Maitai site.

“We are having to be creative with our set up but at the moment everyone that wants to come across, can. ”

“I hope the people that haven’t been able to come in the past year will come and enjoy their weekly market experience,” Miriam says.