Ann-Droid is coming to the Nelson Arts Festival this October. Photo: Supplied.

‘21st century Pinocchio’ comes to Arts Fest


Nelson Arts Festival is strong on family friendly shows this year, and one of the favourites is bound to be Ann-Droid – The Wonderful Adventures of a Robot Girl.

This 21st century Pinocchio-themed story about a robot girl who wants to be human is on at the Theatre Royal for two shows and suitable for ages four and up.

The show’s creators, BANDART Productions, is a collaboration of two Hungarian artists, Katalin Lengyel and Szabolcs Tóth-Zs. Their shows combine theatre with the latest interactive technologies to create visually stunning performances.

Nelson Arts Festival director, Charlie Unwin, says it’s a family show not to be missed.

“This company has taken simple storytelling to the next level, using technology and innovation to enthral and enchant audiences all around the world,” he says. “I can’t wait for Nelson to experience them.”

The unique show combines theatre with the newest digital technologies: projection, a smart LED costume, a robot ball and a drone.

It tells the story of Ann, the robot girl, who dreams of becoming human. Her creator, Alfred, a playful inventor, gives her a quest to follow which presents many challenges.

She takes the audience with her on a wonderful journey on the ground, in the air and underwater as she discovers the most important virtues in life.

Ann-Droid – The Wonderful Adventures of a Robot Girl is on at the Theatre Royal on Tuesday 16 October, 7pm and Wednesday 17 October 10.30pm.

For show information and bookings, go to or the Nelson App.