Riley Tate, 8, with Rowan, 4, and Bethany, 9, had a great day up at Rainbow for its annual family fun day on Sunday. They even met a new friend “frosty”. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Rainbow building on big season


Rainbow Ski Area is having the biggest start to its season ever with the best weather it has had in a decade, according to general manager James Lazor.

The ski field was abuzz on Sunday for the Family Fun Day which saw snow enthusiasts from around the region descend on Rainbow to take part in some fun activities as well as a great day’s skiing.

For James it was testament to the great work his team has done this season, which opened on July 6.

“It has got to be 10 years since we had this sort of snow and it’s the biggest start to a season, I think, ever. We have a great team and did a lot of marketing to get Rainbow on people’s radars.”

James has been in the role since February and is the first general manager for the ski field as it looks to plan for the future.

“We are focusing on the weekdays which are still quiet,” he says. “If people are looking for an opportunity there is nobody here then. It’s a great reason to schedule a day off or sneak away from work.”

The ski field is also looking on how to keep it busy during the summer months. James says plans are afoot but remained coy. However, he has previously said that the club was looking at mountainbiking as a way to maximise its year-round appeal.

But for the Tate family, from Mapua, the appeal was just getting in among the snow and building a snowman.

Riley, 10, also took it upon himself to build a snow base out of Star Wars.

“It’s just great to get up here with such great weather,” said dad Daniel.

Suzy Andrew, from Nelson, had been promising her kids all winter that the family would come up to check it out.

“We finally made it,” she said. “We love it up here. For years there wasn’t any snow but now look around. It’s fantastic.”