GET ME TO PINK: Hazel Faragher has raised enough money to get herself to Pink. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Hazel tickled Pink after selling scrunchies


Nelson’s newest and possibly youngest entrepreneur will be enjoying the fruits of her labour next month when she watches Pink play live in Dunedin.

Stoke School pupil, eight-year-old Hazel Faragher, has been a long-time fan of Pink and when she heard she was coming to New Zealand, she knew she had to go.

Unaware that you could buy tickets to the show, she called a radio station countless times trying to win the tickets.

Hazel’s mother Hillary says she was devastated when the tickets were given to someone else.

“I suggested that she buy a ticket to the show and she was just like ‘What?! You can buy them?!”

Hillary told Hazel that if she really wanted to go, she would need to figure out a way to get the money she needed.

Hillary told Hazel she would need to raise about $500 to be able to afford the tickets, but due to buying from a reseller they cost $600.

“I kind of liked sewing at that point so I just started making things,” says Hazel.

She says YouTube taught her how to make skirts and scrunchies, then with the leftover material she made wheat bags.

Hillary estimates Hazel made about 12 skirts, 50 wheatbags and 200 scrunchies, which she then sold at the Sunday market over a four-week period raising a total of $642.

Hazel says she gets the material from the same market.

“We got quite a good deal, five boxes of material for $20.”

Her nana, Marina, seeing that she made $150 in her first market, secretly purchased 2 tickets to the Dunedin show on September 1, in case they sold out.

After raising the money, Hazel still thought the concert would be out of her reach as she didn’t have enough to cover tickets, accommodation and petrol to get there.

Hillary suggested that she ask her nana if she could help, and she agreed to pay half of the costs. Hazel says her nana was the ideal candidate to take to the concert instead of her Mum because “she likes Pink way more than Mum does”.

Hazel wants to continue her market stall after she gets back from Pink but wants to add more things to her range. Hillary says they will limit it to one market a month.