Model Sierra Pope and NMIT hairdressing student Janelle Butler. Photo: Sara Hollyman

Hairdressing students a cut above


The skills of NMIT’s hairdressing students were on the chopping block yesterday with their annual hairdressing competitions.

The competitions give the 30 year one and two students an opportunity to expand their skill set and show them off to a crowd.

This year’s challenge was for the aspiring hairdressers to reveal their inner “warrior goddess”.

Hairdressing tutor Zaley Gill says that there are always surprises in the styles that the students, who range in age from 18 to 50, produce.

“I know some students are taking inspiration from Viking, ancient Indian and Aztec imagery.”

The hair dos were judged by four industry professionals from salons across the region.
The first-year students had 30 minutes to complete their hairstyles on pre-prepped (curled, set or straightened) hair.

Zaley says it’s such a great sense of achievement for them once they have finished.

“When they go out on the floor they are so nervous, but I told them the first five minutes of the competition are the worst. ”

“After that, they forget that people are around and just get into their zone.”

She says the students are pushing themselves and there would be a big sense of achievement once the judging is over.

“They gain so much more confidence from stepping out of their comfort zone.”