The Greenmeadows Centre in Stoke has been beset by construction issues since work began last year. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Greenmeadows project manager removed


The project manager in charge of the embattled Greenmeadows Centre is now off the project in the wake of several serious construction issues that the Nelson City Council is now weighing its legal options over.

Onus Construction was enlisted to manage the project early on in its inception. It was also responsible for the recommending the tender to Watts and Hughes Construction, which has borne the brunt of criticism over the build.

The community centre was supposed to open last year but now will not be open until next year after a series of building woes.

An audit commissioned by Nelson City Council also found various structural faults that had been signed off by engineering consultants Aurecon.

Onus Construction Ltd consisted of two directors when it was first awarded the Greenmeadows project – Peter Chisolm and Colin Anderson.

However, Colin Anderson ceased as a director on Sept 2, 2016 after he applied for a job for a construction company that turned out to be Watts and Hughes.

An audit of that process found no conflict of interest as Colin did not know Watts and Hughes was the company he was applying for at the time.

He told the Nelson Weekly that he did end up working for Watts and Hughes but not in Nelson.

“I made it really clear that I couldn’t have anything to do with it.”
Colin said he “did not have anything to do with” the Greenmeadows project.
“It was always Peter.”

He says he is still on good terms with his former business partner but has now left the industry completely.

Peter Chisholm told the Nelson Weekly he could not comment about the project as he had a contract with the council.

“It’s best I refer all comment to council.”

Council’s communications manager Paul Shattock said Onus was contracted to develop concept plans, secure consents, and process the tendering of physical works. They also had responsibility of supervising construction and checking compliance.

Consent documents provided to the Weekly show that the project failed the vast majority building inspections regularly over the last two years.

Paul said council could not elaborate on the role Onus played relating to the issues experienced at Greenmeadows.

“Council is currently seeking legal and expert advice.”

He also said Aurecon were still working on Greenmeadows, and are assisting to come up with solutions to issues identified during the independent audit by Grant Hunt Consulting.