Front: Jed Frethey, 16, and Kyla Lotter, 16. Back: Josiah Craness, 16, Hannah Pressman, 17, Kieran Andrews, 16, Aaliyah Gill, 17, Jade Alborn 17 all feature in Garin College’s production of Hautu. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Garin shows the other side of war


During WWII over 800 conscientious objectors were sent to detention camps in New Zealand.

This week, Garin College will be telling the story of two of them who ended up in Hautu at the southern end of Lake Taupo.

Drama coordinator Daniel Allan says he wanted his students to perform the play as it took a different look at war.

“Rather than focusing on glorifying war it looks at those who didn’t and how they were treated during that time.”

Actor Jed Frethey, 16, says it was interesting as often you only learned about one side of the war experience and this gave an insight into one that was a little bit more unknown.

“You do come away with a bit of an appreciation.”

Fellow actor Hannah Pressman, 17, says the play is written in such a way that the performers are tasked with doing a lot of work without any speaking.

“It created a way for us to connect to the play because when you read out the monologues a lot of stage direction replace lines so there are quite a few scenes where you just have to act and put yourself in their world.”

The playwright Kathleen Gallagher is also coming to speak to the students on Thursday before going to the opening night performance.

“It’s a great opportunity for the students to hear from the person who penned the words and get an insight into her motivations for the story and characters,” Daniel says.

Hautu is on at the Playhouse Cafe in Mapua on Thursday at 6.30pmFriday and at 6.30pm and 8pm. Tickets are $5.