Alexander Sparrow is bringing Fred From Featherston to Nelson. Photo: Katie Boyle.

Fred’s a man of many ‘talents’


He was once Featherston’s number one male model, sheep-shearer, and cheesecake decorator.

Yes, ‘Fred From Featherston’ is a man of many talents and the latest creation of award-winning character comic, Alexander Sparrow – the imagined result of a big ego in a small town.

“Brought up with 18 brothers and sisters, only four of whom survived being cut off his back, life was tough for Fred,” says Alexander. “He had to work hard to stand out.”

In his quest to become Featherston’s number one everything, he’s tried taxidermy, bartending, and jam-jar collecting.

“The stories get weirder the longer you let him run his mouth,” Alexander says. “As his life starts to unravel, he draws on his incorrigible optimism and self-confidence to get him through the ‘somewhat compromising positions’ he finds himself in.”

This is one eccentric old man you don’t want to miss.

Alexander has previously performed in the 2017 and 2018 Nelson Fringe Festivals, with DJ Trump and ENIGMA,

“I booked this visit while I was here last time. Nelson’s got a great theatre and enthusiastic and receptive crowds – I can’t wait to go down South with Fred!”

Fred From Featherston has been described as “larger than life. a recipe for entertainment” by Theatreview.

“I’ve played the US President and a seduction guru so far in Nelson,” says Alexander. “It’s about time to show New Zealanders can be a little crazy too.”

Alexander Sparrow is Fred From Featherston at Ghost Light Theatre, 146 Bridge St, Friday 17 August at 7pm. Tickets at