Artist Hannah Starnes has just completed her very first piece of street art on Rutherford St. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Bring a street art message from outer space


Hannah Starnes was only a short while into her first ever piece of street art when someone asked her if she was graffitiing the wall.

Hannah, an artist and rowing coach, promised the passer-by that the end result would be good. But she was also allowed to be there.

As part of a fun competition by Resene and Keep New Zealand Beautiful, Hannah put forward a design to put her hand to a wall in Nelson.

“It was awesome,” she says. “At first it was a bit daunting, but I loved every minute of it.”

Hannah’s usual canvas is recycled wine barrel lids, so this concept was a bit bigger.

“The idea was about encouraging nature in urban areas,” she says. “This piece is about what we have on earth being really precious and what we do is going to affect what our home looks like in the future.”

The piece on Rutherford St features a large spaceman coming back to earth to visit a magnolia tree that he has planted. Just adjacent to the art work is an actual magnolia tree which sits in the carpark next to Summit Real Estate.

She has also had great feedback from people.

“I’m stoked with the result. Now I just want to do some more.”

Hannah says there are so many walls around Nelson that it makes sense to fill them up with art.

“And Nelson is super artsy, so why not?”