Disenchanted is on at Ghost Light Theatre this Thursday to Saturday.

REVIEW: Disenchanted asks if all life is a fairy tale


By Jane Bayley

Is life all a Fairy tale? What about for those poor princesses who have to give up their dreams – be prim, not eat, always look immaculate and generally not have a voice.

Well no longer! Disenchanted is a wonderful musical, bringing to life 10 stories about what the princesses really want – not what Walt Disney prescribes.

The casting was perfect for the play with a sassy snow white [Tania Burns] the always cheerful Cinderella [Jojo Gary] and wunderbar Germanic Rapunzel [Sarah Churchman].

The intimate Ghost Light Theatre has been turned around to create a castle and lighting creatively adapts a minimalist stage.

The costumes hark back to Walt’s idea but take on the adjusted character of each princess. It’s barrel full of laughs -this is one play I thoroughly recommend seeing.

Disenchanted! is on at Ghost Light Theatre at 146 Bridge St, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm. Tickets at www.ghostlight.nz