Nelson entrepreneur Guy Anderson wants local businesses to try out a cloud-based accountancy app he has developed. Photo: Charles Anderson.

New app aims to declutter accounts


Guy Anderson was working as an accountant in Australia when he first came up with the idea.

At the end of every financial year clients would come in with shoeboxes of receipts and invoices to be sorted.

There, the born and bred Nelsonian, came up with the idea for TaxSnaps, a smart phone app which allows businesses to declutter from their shoebox hell and store all their records in the cloud.

“It was about trying to see what the pain points were for the customer,” he says. “People in business know they have to keep records for seven years, but you are allowed to keep it in an electronic format as long as it is clearly reproduced in English and can be produced on demand.”

But it has been a journey to get his idea out of his head and into the cloud. Building a fintech business from the ground up is a difficult task, but now Guy is keen to share what he has with local companies or sole traders looking for ways of streamlining their operations.

He says that there is other software out there, but TaxSnaps is helpful for those who don’t need or want fully-integrated accountancy software.

“It might be you are self-employed or have an investment property, or are a company with employees out on the road incurring expenses with a credit card and you just want to keep good records.”

TaxSnaps is a New Zealand-based company that is IRD approved. He hopes to start local and grow organically.

“But at the moment it’s a low cost, reliable, cloud-based solution to help people declutter.”

For more information drop Guy a line on support@tax or find out more at