Haven Lioness Club president Adrienne Chilton, left, and physiotherapist Kate Gordon. Photo: Supplied.

Lionesses unleash flower power


A Lioness project to sell lily and freesia bulbs has raised $2000 towards a project to help cancer survivors.

Haven Lioness Club sold the bulbs for three months in spring with the profit being donated to Pinc Next Steps.

The organisation is a group exercise programme for people who have finished their main cancer treatment and want to take the next steps on their road to recovery.

Margaret Ching of the Haven Lioness Club says the Rakaia Lions Lilies project sells bulbs to members of the Lions throughout the country with the proceeds going back to the community.

“With the support of Sollys Contractors, and Chris and Yvonne Bowater we have achieved a larger profit for this project this year.”

They sell four large lily bulbs for $10 and 25 freesias bulbs for $5.

“It’s an excellent bargain. We have had great support because of the cause, and the size and colour of flowers.”

Helen Nott of Activate Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation runs the Pinc Next Steps programmes and said the donation would go directly towards supporting local people to recover from the effects of cancer treatment.

The programme runs for one hour per week for ten weeks accommodates all ages fitness levels and mobility.

Visit www.pincandsteel.co.nz for more information or contact Helen Nott on ph. 5482622