CAR BLOCKS WALKING CYCLEWAY: Workers arrived on Monday morning to find an abandoned car in the middle of their construction site. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Delays for Haven Road pathway


Nelson residents will have to wait about another month before they can safely walk and cycle between the Maitai and Haven Rd as the public is faced with conflicting information about the delay.

The Maitai to Haven Rd shared pathway is an Urban Cycleways programme funded project which is being built by Higgins on behalf of the New Zealand Transport Agency, and was due to be completed in early July.

Rocks Rd commuters have been monitoring the progress of the project which presently features much of the Haven Rd walkway dug up, ready to be resealed.

NZTA says that the delay is due to Cyclones Fehi and Gita earlier in February despite the project start date being listed as April on its website.

The purpose of the new shared pathway is to make it safer for cyclists who are not as experienced as daily commuters.

NZTA southern media manager Frances Adank says both the storms created small delays, but the project is still tracking to budget.

The NZTA website lists the project starting in April and being completed in July.

It also specifically states that “shared path work closer to the city not affected” by the Feb 1 storm.

Frances says that although it may not have had a direct effect, the storms do have a run-off effect on the resourcing of projects.

“For example, contractors are called to other areas in urgent need of help and that can affect projects which are being managed with less urgency.”

The project was dealt another complication on Saturday morning when a vehicle crashed into a fence and was abandoned in the middle of their construction site.

Police were called just before 3am on Saturday morning to the vehicle, which was then on its side.

The Mitsubishi RVR, which has four blown out tyres and four smashed windows, was moved further off the road yesterday morning before being removed in the afternoon.