Share My Pet founder Lili Wenzel with schnoodle, Snout and pet carer Hannah Fergusson with border terrier, Miss Muppet. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Can I walk your dog? Pet sharing comes to Nelson


Lili Wenzel is connecting the community, through canines.

The Nelson woman is the founder of Share my Pet, a website dedicated to improving the wellbeing of people and animals alike through sharing and caring.

‘Share my Pet’ was launched in January this year and the site already has more than 300 members wanting their furry friend fix.

Lili created the platform with her husband Dave to connect animal lovers across the region.

Lili says the service appeals to people who are too busy for pets, travel a lot, are renting or have big family commitments.

She conceived the idea after talking to people on the beach, people who would always come up and want to pat her two dogs.

When she asked why they don’t have a pet themselves, Lili was met with the same answers.

“I work too much, I travel too much, my dog just died and I’m not ready, husband’s allergic, we’re in rental,” inspiring Lili to create the service.

Hannah Fergusson, a vet nurse in training, joined in February.

“I was searching for something like this, I was just desperate to walk a dog.”

The animal lover is unable to have a dog due to her living arrangements.

“It’s great to just be able to give a dog a few treats, take it for a walk and become their friend.”

She says animals improve her spiritual well-being.

“If I’m having a bad day, give me an animal to pat and I am immediately better.”

Lili says pet owners can initially be quite reluctant to share a member of their family with another person, however, she says if you find the right carer, it will benefit your pet.

“Animals do bring joy and if it connects community, now days we all tend to get a bit isolated.”

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