The Naked Truth cast: Back row from left: Naomi Strain, Francesca Beckett, Sophie Holland and Maree Hatton. Front row: Livvi Lloyd and Sarah Stewart. Photo: Kate Russell.

Uncovering ‘The Naked Truth’


Pole dancing will make its debut at the Theatre Royal next week, with a “brilliantly funny” play about sisterhood.

Presented by Nelson Repertory Theatre, ‘The Naked Truth’ starts next Wednesday for four performances only.

Set in a pole dancing class, the play is about a group of very different women who conquer pole dancing for a charity event to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

“It’s a play for real women about real women, about their relationships, their sex lives, their hang-ups, their attitudes to men, to each other, and finally – to themselves and their bodies,” says first- time director Molly Brealey. “It’s a comedy, and a drama. There are a lot of highs and lots of lows – it’s going to relate to so many people. It will make you laugh, cry and be proud to be a woman.”

The story gives moral support to the topic of breast cancer and ticket proceeds will being going to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

“I’ve lost loved ones to cancer. It’s important to me and personal to me,” says Molly. “That’s why I’m doing it. The more bums on seats, the more money we can raise for Pink Ribbon.”

‘The Naked Truth’ is an English play, written by Dave Simpson but has been given a Kiwi twist, with lots of 80s and 90s music and lots of colour, according to Molly.

The six actresses have had 20 weeks of pole training at Dynamite Studio with Trina Star to prepare for their roles.

“Four of them had no pole experience at all, and three of them have never done theatre before, so they have done amazingly well.”

And contrary to what some may think, Molly says there is “no nakedness”.

“It’s the inner stuff that gets peeled.”

The Naked Truth is on at the Theatre Royal from 13 – 16 June. Tickets are available from the Theatre Royal or online at TicketDirect.