Lynette Forward takes her e-trike for a ride down Stoke’s Railway Reserve. Photo: Kate Russell.

E-trike moves Lynette forward


Every day, Lynette Forward puts on her purple helmet, hops on her electric trike and cruises down Rocks Rd – all while inspiring others along the way.

The retired Stoke resident can’t walk without a walking frame and has been unable to drive a car for the past eight years due a back injury she received during her nursing career.

But since she purchased her Carro e-trike last August, getting around has been no problem – and having clocked up nearly 3000km, it would be rare to find a day that she hasn’t used it.

“It has literally changed my life,” says Lynette.

“I could never do anything myself and used to have to catch taxis or rely on friends for rides. Now I can go anywhere I want, when I want.”

Whether it’s for her daily coffee at Sublime on Haven Rd, to Richmond to visit a friend, or to one of her frequent hospital appointments – Lynette can go anywhere on her e-trike.

She even takes her cat, Mable, for rides.

“I just sit her cage on the back. I took her down to the vet last week – it was a cold morning so I got some blankets and filled up the hot water bottle. I also took her out to Monaco for a picnic. She loves it.”

Lynette learned about e-bikes when a friend brought one. She thought it was “just amazing” but dreamed of a three-wheeled model.

“I went to the Crank House bike shop to see if they had any, and they did, so I took it for a spin and got it. My friend adapted it so I can put my walking frame on the back.”

She says it’s cost-effective and has also improved her balance, sleep and well-being.

“I still suffer from chronic pain, but this puts it to the back of my head – I’m doing something other than just sitting around.”

“Every day is different. There’s so much to see that you don’t see in a car. The rain doesn’t stop me either.”

Lynette says one of the best things about her bike is showing others than anything is possible.

“What gets people is that I use a walking frame. They are always saying ‘can I help you’, but I say ‘no thank you, I’m quite alright’.”

“Nothing puts me off now, I can do anything. It has given me a new lease on life.”