Concussion kit founders from left; Cody Beaumont, Joshua McIntyre, Louie Hadfield, Sam Christian, Darcy Tunnicliff, James Barron, Callum McNab and Alfie Mansfield. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Students combatting concussion


A group of local rugby players are combating concussion head on.

The Nelson College students have developed a product to aid the recovery for players suffering symptoms of concussion.

James Barron, Callum McNab and Sam Christian with partners Louie Hadfield, Alfie Mansfield, Joshua McIntyre and Darcy Tunnicliff created ‘Concussion Kit,’ as part of their young enterprise scheme.

Callum says they thought about what a relevant market is and what is a problem area.

“We are all rugby players and concussion is a huge issue at the moment, so we wanted to something to help.”

The kit contains a number of vital supplements to aid a rapid recovery.

“It took a bit of trial and error,” James says.

In the pack are five fish oil tablets, four magnesium tablets, two turmeric tablets and ten Panadol.

The kit also has information cards featuring instant questions like where are we, who are we playing?

“It teaches to look for the physical signs such as loss of consciousness, double vision, vomiting,” James says. “These are the red flags that the player needs to go to hospital, it just makes it easier to diagnose,” Sam says.

The boys wanted to target awareness around concussion while also easing its effects.
Sam says they wanted people to realise it is a serious injury and you need to treat it as such.

“I’ve had a light one last year, it’s definitely not a pleasant experience,” says James.

The supplements were all chosen after independent research.

James says magnesium helps prevent a delayed brain injury.

“If you get a head knock you can lose up to 50 per cent of the magnesium in your brain.”

The turmeric acts as a natural anti-inflammatory in the brain and the omega three supports recovery and growth repair.

The kits cost $8.36 to produce and the boys are selling them for $15.

“We’re just hoping to get some money behind us to carry out more research and make our product even more efficient,” Callum says.

Nelson College have bought two packs each for their eight rugby teams and the boys are currently pitching their product to the local rugby clubs and the Tasman Rugby Union.

“They all seem very interested, we have had some great feedback.”

Their product has already won the first phase of the regional youth enterprise competition.
Nelson College student Cody Beaumont suffered his second head knock of the season on Saturday May 5.

He says the pack has helped ease his concussion symptoms.

“About six weeks ago I was playing a pre-season game for the 1st XV against Hanmer and I got hit in a good, legal tackle and last week I got another head knock and was taken to hospital.”

Cody says the kit has helped the headaches and dizziness.

“I feel like I can concentrate a lot better.”

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